The SmartHat: Where Is Our Most Obvious Wearable Tech?

My clumsy looking helmet cam (albeit technically brilliant)

British Eventing’s statement yesterday¬†banning the use of helmet cams until further safety research is undertaken has whipped up a social media storm. Irrespective of the reasons behind this (and there are suggestions it’s might be related to an investigation currently in progress in the Michael Shumacher case), I’m not at all surprised by their decision….

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Have Fun Cross Country But Be Safe Eventing has become very safety conscious over the last 5-10 years, and quite rightly so in light of fatalities that occurred in the preceding years. An Australian Assistant Technical Delegate, John Lechner, even devotes an entire blog to eventing safety, and so vehemently champions the safety mantle he’s known as “Eventing Safety John”. (he…