Burghley 2015 Cross Country Course

Michael Jung Walking The Course With Chris Bartle
Rolex Grand Slam Contender Michael Jung (left) With Chris Bartle
Miles & Miles Of Protective Fencing
Miles & Miles Of Protective Fencing

With little risk of anyone overtaking Michael Jung’s, storming lead of 34.2 this afternoon [famous last words] I headed out to look at all the changes on the cross country course this year, and there are a few. I have to confess I didn’t walk the whole course or even walk it in the right direction.

The going is superb and the whole track is roped off with layer upon layer of string and wire set on wooden posts, which you probably wouldn’t see at other events. They’ve really taken it very seriously.

The Trout Hatchery is being touted as one of the most difficult on course (see the course link below). It looks like it could get a bit messy in there, but it should provide a good spectacle.

The Trout Hatchery
The Trout Hatchery

The Maltings have been laid out as a village green with cricket, a red telephone box, and even a maypole which is bound to catch the eye of a few horses. It’s always interesting watching the riders walk these courses, and here at the Maltings I was surprised not to see more walking their lines as this is a very spread out complex where you could easily gain an advantage by shaving off a few strides.

The Maltings 360 - Complete With Maypole
The Maltings 360 – Complete With Maypole


I’ll be back with more soon.  Until then here are the important links for the Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials 2015:

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Get yourself there if you can!

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