HorseHub | The App We’ve All Been Waiting For Is Finally Here!

The HorseHub App For iPhone & iPad
The HorseHub App For iPhone & iPad
The HorseHub App is finally here, available to download via iTunes for your iPhone & iPad (iOS v5.1+ required). After months of blood, sweat & fine tuning the most useful app for horse owners everywhere is finally here! Before I give you the run down and review it, let me first state that I have a vested interest in this app, as it’s a joint venture between myself and Paul Tapner, so I am a little biased in my opinion of the app.
HorseHub | Your Equestrian iTunes

What does the app do?

In a way you can think of HorseHub as your equestrian iTunes.
It’s a free app, and quite simply the app gives you access to a range of content (video, audio & text – currently) from a variety of sources (Authors) that you will find useful and/or entertaining in your equestrian life. The most obvious example of content is training material. Content is delivered in bite size chunks, for instance, Paul has himself created a “Training With Taperz” series, which rather than being a 3 hour DVD, is broken down into smaller video pieces that allow you to pick and choose the pieces you are particularly interested in. This means if you need help with riding ditch fences, you don’t need to sit through hours of dressage training as well, you just bite off what you need, and pay for what you want. Bite size chunks means bite size prices too, and probably less than you’d pay for a cup of coffee. You’ll also find plenty of free downloads too.
Currently there is a small band of highly sort after equestrian trainers providing video, audio and text based content around subjects like dressage, cross country, rider fitness and sports psychology. The list of content providers is growing by the week, and waiting in the wings to go live are even more top flight authors from around the world in the fields of eventing, showjumping, carriage driving, dressage, veterinary medicine, plus a stack of entertainment content like event coverage and podcast style shows, which should appear in the app within weeks.
Almost all the content in the app can be downloaded onto multiple devices (with the same iTunes Account), without incurring additional cost, by simply tapping the restore button in settings. You can also tell all your friends on twitter & facebook or via email about that great video you just found in HorseHub. The links you share with your friends from within the app will automatically open content in the app – how cool is that?
There really is nothing complicated about using this app, it’s all about the content. You can find and navigate your way around the app in all the logical ways you might expect, by Author, by format, featured lists and even search.
It really is this simple, go try it for yourself – it’s free to download!
Also please tell your friends, and do rate the app in iTunes, and give us your feedback, we love feedback! If you think you have some content that others would really like and would like to share it through HorseHub, get in touch via the HorseHub website.
Coming Soon To HorseHub:
Training videos from US Olympian, Boyd Martin & other elite equestrians in many languages.
Useful advice & literature from one of the world’s most respected vet practices
Training material from a leading trainer in the field of sporthorse physical fitness
Video coverage from some of the world’s top equestrian events.
More Fun Stuff
We’re also finalising plenty of new features to make your equestrian life even easier, and even more fun!
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