Barbury Dressage | Is Going To Be Interesting (No Really, It Will!)

Laura Collett & Rayef | Last Year’s CIC*** Dressage Leader

 Barbury Castle Horse Trials is, along with many of the other European events, as the cliche goes, not a dressage competition. Last year, one of our rising stars, Laura Collett lead the dressage (and showjumping) on a sub 40 mark, one of only two, the other being eventual winner Pippa Funnell. Laura dropped to third after 6 time penalities on Cross Country – but I doubt a few time penalties was her key concern with European selection on the cards at the time. Rayef has continued to prove a strong performer in the CIC/One-day classes, only last week notching a 13 point advantage at Salperton. 

Mr. Medicott | Moved From German To US Shortlists

Earlier this month at Luhmuehlen, the dressage scores for the CCI**** & CIC*** class amazed everyone, especially Michael Jung claiming victory on his dressage score of 27.9 in the CIC, as well as winning the CCI!. As Jimmy Wofford put it “The standard in the dressage is far, far beyond the level in the US. You do not have a chance of being in the top ten after cross-country, unless you can do 70% or better in the dressage, as well as go clean and fast cross-country” . Incidentally, I’m pretty sure all of the sub 40 marks in the CIC were posted by those stationed in Germany.

The big question for me at this point is two-fold :

How influential is the home advantage? and, Can any of the Americans notch a sub 40’s dressage mark away from home? Mystery Whisper, Neville Bardos or Mr. Medicott perhaps?

We’ll find out over the next few days! Dressage will be interesting….. (although I’m not sure I can sit through them all)

Olympic places are at stake here, so with an oversized squad of US riders beginning possibly the most important dressage test of their lives over the next two days – exciting is an understatement!

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