Somerley Park CIC** – The Drinks Are On Kitty


It was definitely warmer yesterday, and there did seem to be a bigger crowd at Somerley Park for the Chesterton Humberts CIC**. Unfortunately a combination of the day job and needing to get home for my kids prevented me from spending more than a few hours to watch the main event. The international class didn’t start cross country until late afternoon, and with the sun getting low I had expected to see more than just Andrew Nicholson wearing sun glasses.

From the little I did manage to watch, the cross country didn’t cause too many problems although the first horse out did give us a heart stopping moment at the water as it scrambled over the skinny in the water (see pictures below). The showjumping was more influential, a real ’round the houses’ twisty course, and whilst there were plenty of rails dropped, I did witness some superb jumping.

Kitty King led the CIC from start to finish on Zindante, and finished ahead by a country mile, with a lead over Mark Todd & Andrew Hoy of more than 10 points. Sadly I saw none of Kitty’s performance today, but this horse is a pretty higher achiever so I’m sure to see more of them over the course of the season.

If we get more good weather in March I can probably be tempted out eventing this early in the season again, and Somerley Park would definitely be on my list.

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