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Burghley App

The Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials has released (or possibly leaked!) it’s official iPhone App in preparation for what promises to be one of the greatest Burghley’s of all time! Whether you’re sitting in the relative comfort of your saddle or armchair, or attending the event to gaze in awe at the sheer size of this year’s retro cross country course, provided you have one of those new fangled ‘i’ thingys in your pocket  you will be able to keep right up to the minute on all the goings on at Burghley, as the press tent spills the beans on who’s leading who down winner’s avenue or who’s being dragged through the leaf pit as the action unfolds.

Sitting neatly beside your official Badminton App, you can now take pride in being joined at the hip with the world’s two largest 4 star 3 day events. Burghley’s App whilst very similar to the Badminton one, will let you remember where you parked your car, enter an amazing competition to win a ‘Nordic Adventure’ courtesy of the title sponsor  which presumably involves driving a 4×4 across frozen wastelands, something us Brits are used to in recent winters, and will give you plenty of ideas on where to spend your hard currency. Social media integration is inherent in the app too, and if you’re a tweeter, you’ll be pleased to see the app even saves you the hassle of constructing a suitable hash tag, it automatically puts #BHT2011 in for you.

The app is free, so you really have nothing to lose except a few dozen heart beats, as you watch the blue progress bar download and install it. I even managed to download it over the airwaves whist sat in remote pub in wilds of West Berkshire, so this really is an on demand app that will also work with the vaguest of cell phone coverage.

It’s just one more thing to assist you in getting over excited about Burghley, along with the 50th anniversary, a cross country course Francis Whittington wishes he could literally fly over, like Harry Potter, and an entry list that makes any other year’s list look like roll call for the Vine & Craven Pony Club camp. And all in the run up to what promises to be the most exciting Olympics for equestrianism since a Belgian called Bouckaert won the only Vaulting gold medal in it’s all but brief appearance in the 1920 games!

If you haven’t got an ‘i’ thingy, go get one, if you have, go download it, and waste invest a little time in the build up to Burghley.  Be warned, like Polo’s inclusion in the Olympics, you could find yourself dipping in and out of the app all too often. Don’t worry, there’s only a week to go and then you can gorge yourself on Burghley for days on end.

Download from iTunes and put Burghley in your pocket. 

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