Winning Events Before You Arrive | The Andrew Hoy Interview

Team Hoy: “Competitions Are Won Before You Get There”

A few weeks ago I spent some time with Andrew Hoy with the intention of interviewing him about the US coaching job that’s been hitting the headlines, and that he applied for. We, (well I), got a little distracted so we ended up talking about some of his philosophies, riding tactics etc., which I’m sure pleased Andrew, as he was probably bored stiff being interrogated about the US job by this stage, and he hasn’t even interviewed for it yet.

I’m sure anyone reading this knows who Andrew Hoy is, but just in case:

Andrew Hoy

Andrew Hoy is one of the few true maestros of cross country riding. He holds a number of Championship & Olympic medals (for Australia), has won all the major 4* 3-Day-Events [finally winning Badminton in 2006 after 25 years of trying!], and narrowly missed winning the Rolex Grand Slam a few years ago. If you ever get the chance to see Andrew ride cross country, watch closely and then compare his style to other riders, you’ll find he really does seem at one with the horse, perfectly balanced the whole time.

So the interview turned into more of a general chat, and for one reason or another I have only just be able to get the audio for this together & online, which beats typing it up! Oh, and listen out for the “Competitions are won before you get there” philosophy, it’s actually not as daft as it sounds, particularly given the nature of eventing!

I should point out this was recorded prior to the Australian Coach position being filled, but what Andrew had to say about the job was too interesting to edit out!

Anyway enjoy……


Later this week I’m interviewing another eventing maestro, and I promise to get that interview up alot quicker! I also have a few other interesting people lined-up over the coming weeks.

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