The Nick Turner Interview | Team Coaching & The Brazilian Job

I became ‘acutely’ aware of Nick Turner a year or so ago. For those of you who don’t know him, Nick is the Eventing Team Coach for Brazil (I know, dream job – sun, sea & sand!), he’s also on the UK panel of selectors for eventing, has a string of letters after his name that leaves you in no doubt about his credentials as an equestrian coach, and has been round Badminton & Burghley on horses he has produced, so he knows a thing or two about talent.
I met up with Nick on a Sunday afternoon at Hartpury College where he was running some ‘training the trainer’ sessions, and I kept him talking so long we had to take a break so he could get the next training session underway. It also meant this video interview has to be in two parts as I was loathed to edit so much good discussion.  If you don’t have time time to sit through the 35 minutes of video, then try downloading the audio podcast version to your iPod and listen to it in the car on the way to work, or whilst you muck out!
For the last year I’ve been looking for a good excuse to interview Nick, as here is someone with a foot in a few camps that can really assist me in understanding where the fine tuning lies in team performances, and the little things that make the difference between best and very best. I also wanted to find out more about the man I keep reading only snippets of information about.
Enough reading… & listen to the man himself…..
PART 1 | The Brazilian Job
PART 2 | Team Coaching, Selection & Armarda Dishes
It just remains for me to say, many thanks to Nick and stay tuned as I will be catching up with him again at Badminton. You can follow Nick on twitter & find out more about him on his website.
My next interview is with a well know rider who I’m hoping will let slip a few insights into what he feels separates the best from the very best, and maybe even what makes a good coach, and he should know!
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