London 2012: Cross Country Course – The Airport

London has two of the busiest airports in the world, Heathrow & Gatwick. Heathrow apparently handles more international travellers than any other airport, you only have to drive down the M4 motorway, glance up and you will see at least one aircraft coming in any another leaving.

Gatwick claims to have the busiest single runway in the world, and that’s not hard to believe since many of the budget airlines hop over to Europe from here. My airport themed fence is pretty straight forward really, a 2 part fence complex with minimum difficulty.

The aeroplane is jumped left to right, jumping main wing and tail wing. Riders have the option of jumping either side, which ever suits them best, as it will make no different to the time. The angle of the main wing in relation to the tail wing, will also afford riders a little adjustment to their line through here to suit the striding of their particular horse. There are 2 strides between the two elements, and both will be of a decent height.

I think this fence is well suited to the beginning of the course giving riders an early opportunity to get rhythm established at related distances. Fence decoration around the aircraft will assist with ground lines and definitions, and the perfect opportunity for some fence sponsorship.

More fences to come…..
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