London 2012: Cross Country Course – Busy On The Underground


One of the fastest ways to get around London, is obviously ‘the tube’, it’s also one of the busiest, so I could think of no better way to portrait this than to use an underground train (which often appear above ground) as a ‘let up’ fence that allows the rider to gallop on their way around the course, and provides spectators with the perfect method of getting across the course without having to wait for a horse to go by.

Underground Train In Cutting | Plus Course Crossing Point

In the diagram the horse will jump left to right, up a slope and over the roof of the tube train. This fence won’t be maximum height (probably 1.10m), but will be maximum spread. The ambitious bit from course design will be to use the train itself as a crossing point for spectators, allowing them to walk through the fence  (train) from one side of the course to the other, which would be fully encased for safety.

The ‘train’ would probably be 3 carriages long with the horses jumping the centre carriage ensuring the entrances to the crossings are kept well away from the horses. You’d probably still want to man this crossing and it might be quite fun to have that person dressed as train driver for the photographic opportunities. I think there is even scope to convert this fence into a children’s play arena, post event.

There is no ‘question’ at this fence, it’s designed to just keep the horse and rider ‘fresh and focussed’ as they gallop onto the next ‘question’, as well as have a little fun, giving spectators a more interactive experience of cross country day.

More fences to come…..
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