WEG2010: Aussie Eventing’s Kings of Comedy

Samantha & Glenn
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Whilst Eventing & the WEG is a deadly serious business sport it’s important to laugh, even at oneself, occassionally! Surely that’s why we have sites like hahahorses.com and eventing nation. What’s tickled me pink very recently is, not just the banter from the 2010 Radio Show dynamic duo (Samantha & Glenn) and the two aforementioned sites, but the new Aussie contenders, Hamish & Dave.

Although I find myself deep in the English countryside I am surrounded, it seems, by Australians & New Zealanders, and they really are the best humoured bunch you could come across, and you’ll rarely find a photo of Clayton Fredericks, Andrew Nicholson or Matt Ryan where they’re not smiling or joking. A few months ago I found a hilarious interview with Heath Ryan, which I would encourage you to revisit. His brother Matt can be quite infectious too.

First they gave us Dame Edna & Les Patterson, then we were fed Kath & Kim, now the Australian’s have sent forth Hamish & Dave on their “Kentucky Adventure”. These two dusty outback characters describe themselves as “Elite Riders & General Larrikins”. According to my google search a Larrikin is A person given to comical or outlandish behavior (unknown Australian origin). Now I thought that described every Australian, except Wayne Roycroft!

So far these two larrikins have provided two video episodes of their trip to the World Equestrian Games, the latest of which follows the airfreight departure of the Australian based horses bound for WEG, which whilst amusing is also very interesting, and their support from the Australian Equestrian Federation has provided no holds barred access. Unfortunately, after watching the first episode, I found myself constantly waiting for Les Patterson or Kel Knight (from Kath & Kim) to suddenly pop up in IRT apparel or dressed as the Cathy Pacific Captain. I can just imagine Kim attempting to hide Epponnee-Rae in Vetorri’s haynet to avoid paying the airfare!

These two guys have just started a twitter feed too, so make sure you follow them for what will undoubtedly be an amusing way to avoid any serious work.

I’m reliably informed that Hamish and Dave are scheduled guests on the 2010 WEG Radio Show during the games, and all I can say is ‘poor Glenn, having to keep that on track’. This is bound to will hopefully turn into a classic piece of radio in front of a live audience, probably reminiscent of the goon show. They should sell tickets! (everything else WEG seems to require a ticket and/or pass, so why not?).

So apart from the usual sources of information on who did what and when, I thoroughly recommend keeping a watchful eye on Hamish & Dave, and your ears pick up for the 2010 Radio Show, they’re bound to keep us all amused…..

Here’s the latest from Aussie Eventing’s newest Kings of Comedy, for those of you who haven’t seen it:

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