WEG 2010: Eventing Trot-Up – Chanel or Gucci?

Only One Plait!

Hurrah! Eventing starts today with the Trot-up, and previews of the cross country course, so by now there’ll have be plenty of indecision in the wardrobe department as the ladies decide whether it it’s the Chanel wooly coat or the Gucci tailored jacket with the knee length skirt and long boots, whilst Mark Todd just play’s it safe and wears jacket, tie and body warmer. There will undoubtedly be a few colour co-ordinated teams, I predict most notably the Americans and Canadas. I’m just as interested to see what the ground jury will be wearing, as here in the UK, it’s pretty much always tweed and a bowler hat.

One thing’s for sure there’ll be no ugly bibs in this phase!

Mark Todd

The first trot-up I always find this the most interesting part of the competition as you usually get to see who is nervous, either about their horse passing the trot-up or the whole competition, and those that are just so excited that it’s all about to begin. Once a somewhat lame, Mark Todd (I heard he’s limping), and the other 84 competitors have made it through trot up, we’ll get to hear final team and individual selections, and that’s where the fun really begins, because we get an insight into what team aficionados think of how the horses have travelled, how training is going, and what they think is going to be the most influential phase.

Will cross country be overly influential, leading to the British putting Opposition Buzz on the team, and leaving Mary King as an individual? Or is it more a 3 star track and they’ll put Pippa Funnell on the team with her somewhat greener horse, because she can pull out a big dressage score when need be?

Oh, it’s all so exciting……….Let the eventing begin……….

more on the cross country course later.

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