WEG 2010: Aren’t We All An Eclectic Bunch

Equestrian Sporting Athletes | An Eclectic Bunch

Only 2 days to go before the start of the World Equestrian Games eventing discipline – it’s getting closer!

So far we’ve seen two of the 8 disciplines and I don’t think you’d ever find a more eclectic bunch of people across any other sport. We’ve seen the ye-ha cowboy dressage sport of reining, which bears very little resemblance to the more serious formal sport of pure dressage, but is taken just as seriously (seriously good fun), by not just the gold winning host nation, but a number of European nations as well. The big story was dressage diva Anky Van Grunsven switching to reining and representing the Dutch at WEG.

Generally, when you think of world championship or olympic athletes, it conjures up images of  fit lean six-pack toting men and women that you see in track and field, but you’ve only got to look around WEG disciplines to see we really do come in all shapes, sizes, demographics, and any other segmentation you can think of. Although sifting through the multitude of photos from the bun-fight that was the Endurance race, these guys do all pretty much resemble marathon runners!

I don’t subscribe to this generalised view you see on some blogs that stereotype riders from each of the disciplines, gushing praise on people from their own choice of riding format as being ‘so friendly & helpful’, and slighting that of others. Listening to audio interviews and watching video clips from the event so far, you can clearly see there is a variety characters across all the discipline. If you gave any credence to these nieve stereotypers you wouldn’t have expected Anky Van Grunsven to have sworn in an audio interview after her set piece, would you? WEG 2010 is certainly the best place on earth to “people watch” the horsey set – Oh how I wish I was there…..

Pippa Funnell | Team Or Individual?

Today sees the start of pure dressage, and suddenly a hush, albeit as buzzing, will decent upon the arenas as the perfectionists of horsey dance perform all maner of gymnastic horsemanship. Judging by the amount of chatter and interest in Dutchman, Edward Gal’s black stallion , Totilas, he and the Germans are the likely favourites, which means the Eventing discipline could be the first to have a wider range of possible victors.

I’m most interested to see who will run for the British eventing team, and who gets the individual slots, more on that and the rest of eventing tomorrow, until then go find photos from the event, of the stunning black stallion, Totilas, whilst relaxing in front of the more peaceful backdrop of pure dressage (in the pouring rain apparently!)

WEG is now a reality, how exciting……..

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