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The Start | Blenheim Cross Country Day

Surprise, Surprise Ruth Edge heads the leader board going into the Cross Country, for both CIC & CCI classes. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of Ruth Edge, and I don’t envy her, as everybody must be thinking ‘here we go again”. Ruth is very capable and has managed to pick up a few big prizes during championship years, like the British Open during the Athens Olympics year. This year’s field is missing many of the usual horses you’d expect, but does at least provide a chance for some of the rising horses and riders to get a little more experience.

Anyway, I just wanted to do a short post having looked through the CCI dressage scores, to see which horses I was most interested in watching, so I can plan my ‘family duties’ around these where possible. So apart from watching Ruth, I will be looking out for Matt Ryan on MayBee, as I’m interested to see whether this is a London 2012 prospect for him, if he ever gets his nationality sorted one way or another.

Others include Mark Todd, just because it’s Mark Todd. Sharon White, as I’ve read a little about her recently. Kitty King on High Havoc, because I know the owners, and Andrew Nicholson because he’s so exciting to watch cross country, especially at this level on his ‘not so top’ horses. I might also watch Pippa Funnell on Pure Addiction, but probably only because I managed to video this horse’s dressage test at Highclere but missed the cross country.

Blenheim beckons…. “come eventing, come eventing”

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