Getting Fit Again – Part 3: Now we’re cooking on Gas

Two weeks on and we’re both getting nearer to peak fitness, despite no sign of rain to soften the ground. The farrier has been and his feet are starting to shape up, it’s quite incredible the difference a good trim up makes to posture and therefore agility. I’d even go as far as saying he currently feels a lot better than he has done for a few years.

Access to a peat based gallop has helped with fitness and I’m hoping we will eventually get some rain this week, so we can work out in the schooling field, which is currently rock hard. It’s been so hot and dry one of our water complexes has dried up completely and the other has less than two inches left.

Earlier this week we also managed a short show jumping session, albeit only over 1.10M and on a surface. He jumped very well though and seems to be enjoying it as much as he ever has, more than me at least (it’s my least favourite phase).

My Micklem Multi-bridle has continued to please me and I’m finding the ease of lunging in this a great help in warming up the horse for flatwork sessions, which I’m hoping will eventually lead to a few sub 30 dressage scores.

So now we really are cooking on Gas! (not at all bad for a horse many had been tyre kicked and rejected plenty of times before I bought him).

All we need now is a good dump of rain so we can work on all three phases out in the schooling field…..Bring it on…….

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