It’s April – That means Badminton mania

Thank goodness it’s April – better weather, the start of better Events, and the build up to Badminton. Now I happened to walk through Badminton Park the other day and as much as I love this event, and it clearly is the greatest 3-day-event, for me it’s starting to get a little dull where the course is concerned.

This year’s course, from what I can make out, has no truly new fences. Just about every fence on the course is a repurposed fence from the last 5 years. With such a rich history I would have expected a few fences from the dim and distance past to re-emerge. You’ve only to search the web for some previous footage of Badminton through the ages to see a number of fences that we’ve not seen at Badminton for more than a decade – like a ski jump, unfinished bridge, or the famous chevrons.
I predict there will be no more than one fence that has had some serious external influence, the rest will be repetitions from the last few years, what a shame.
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